Antigua, mucho gusto

Antigua has captured my heart.  So one of the things I love about traveling is experiencing different cultures and in Antigua you get it.

So, picture this, January 22, 2016, an hour journey to Antigua from Guatemala:

1. The streets are cobblestones.  In other words, ladies leave your heels/wedges at home.

2. The women and children wear the traditional Guatemalan/Mayan attire which I love. Modern is great but heritage and tradition are important.

3. It is a walkable city. They have public transportation which is the called the “Chicken Bus” but you don’t need it. Primarily the locals use it around the perimeter to get to the city center.

4. There are no chain hotels. Your money is going to the local economy.  The hotel I am staying at is the Casa del Parque. Don’t you love the pool?  One of the things I did notice, the hotels don’t have any air conditioner. Since I am here during the winter, it is no problem.

5.  The town is surrounded by three enormous volcanoes and mountains.  One of the active volcanos is Pacaya and you can smell the ashes in the early hours of the morning.

6. It is about 474 years old.  She still young and vibrant.

7. Antigua used to be the capital of Central America.

8. The town elected their first female mayor in November 2015.   Susana Ascensio won by 27% of the vote.  She is very popular and well received by the Antiguan.


9. It has had 3 earthquakes and the last major one was in 1976.

I couldn’t end this story without mentioning the architecture and the overall beauty within the city of Antigua.




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  1. Alexandra Moresco

    Your photos are BEAUTIFUL! Looks like an amazing trip!!

  2. Stephenie

    Beautiful. .makes me want to visit

  3. Milton Goh

    I love their outfits, so unique! Thanks for transporting us to Antigua through this wonderful post.

  4. 9buckcrossing

    What an experience! This looks stunning! I feel like I lived it through your experience!

  5. Ang

    Oh my goodness! What a beautiful spot to visit! That huge mountain in the distance is just awesome.

  6. Doodle as I Do

    Looks like such a beautiful cultural place. Be scary staying so close to an active volcano though!

  7. Amber Myers

    Oh wow, I am in awe of these photos. So many gorgeous colors and places!

  8. mira pstr

    I have seen this country only in documentary, i would love to visit those places that have their own culture, your picture tell a lot about the place thank you for your post

  9. David Elliott

    I love all the beautiful photography here. It’s a place I would love to visit.

  10. Nellwyn

    This looks amazing! I love the bright colours in the buildings and clothing. It must be so cool to stay in the shadow of a volcano, I’ve never been near an active one before!

  11. Krysten

    Oh my goodness, your photos are gorgeous. This is such a bright and vibrant city, I would love to visit it!

  12. Author Brandi Kennedy

    The photos you used here are stunning and really show off both the old-world charm and the architectural beauty. I love that they have such focus on local business, too!

  13. Claudette Esterine

    When I first saw the introduction, my mind went to another Antigua. This one is new to me and your pictures make it so so inviting! Thank you.

  14. Steph

    This is fascinating! It makes me want to travel there and experience this for myself. Amazing photos!

  15. The Travel Ninjas

    Antigua is beautiful. The people and culture are so interesting. We’d love to spend time there too.

  16. Kimberly C.

    I also love exploring other cultures. Thanks for these beautiful photos… I now feel like I’ve been there a little too 😉

  17. Crystal Gard

    I love exploring other cultures and learning about them. These photos are stunning it looks so beautiful there.

  18. emma white

    oh wow I have never visited here but it looks amazing and full of culture and history for sure such vibrant colours everywhere

  19. Michelle T

    Antigua looks really nice. I never heard of it until tonight. The volcanos look beautiful there. It’s to bad you didn’t a get a picture of the active one up close. Nice pictures.


    Antiqua looks like a beautiful place to visit. Your photos are amazing. Many of pictures tell stories. So nice

  21. Felicia

    Antigua seems absolutely beautiful, rich in culture and tradition. I can always admire the a destination with fantastic architecture. Adding this to my travel bucket list

  22. katrina gehman

    great pictures. my bio family is from cuba. rich is culture.

  23. Dawn McAlexander

    These pics are so awesome. Antigua looks really gorgeous. I really love to visit places with a lot of historic sites like this.

  24. Elizabeth O.

    No doubt that Antigua is such a beautiful place that’s rich in history and culture! I love the architecture, the buildings are all so lovely.

  25. Katja

    Gorgeous photos! Looks like you had a wonderful time.
    Katja xxx

  26. Kaylie

    Looks so amazing! I love all the great pics you shared. Seems like a great travel spot. 🙂

    xxKaylie ||

  27. Carol Cassara

    I have never been to Antigua and I would love to someday. It looks like a place that’s packed with culture and history. It’s definitely worth going to. It’s beautiful out there!

  28. Aleks F.

    Wonderful post full of great simple tips and information and stunning photos to match! I can see why you fell in love with Antigua!

  29. Sheila Moon

    I love this picture post blog. The only travels I have experienced thus far are Jamaica, Dominiacan REpublic and Mexico. And in all of these places my best memories are their culture and their vibes. Beautiful, I may have to had this to our places to visit.

  30. Whitney Ford

    you are absolutely gorgeous and it looks like you took a great trip! Beautiful shots!

  31. Therie

    You’ve definitely fallen in love with Antigua. What’s not to love though, it’s gorgeous, vibrant and wanderer-friendly!

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