A Workout while Traveling

If you travel and it is in Europe, there is no way you can gain weight. It is a continuous workout. A fat burning workout!

I arrived in Paris on Friday and this was my Fitbit activity.

On Saturday,

And Sunday’s day trip to London…

Metro Workout

If you take the Metro (subway system), you are walking and walking, then you are either going up and down a flight of stairs.

Seeing the Sites Workout

After you finished your metro workout, it is time to see the sites. Boy was I sweating getting to Sacre Coeur in Paris! From the metro, it was a 15-minute walk. Then, it was the stairs.

Oh boy!

Then, I saw more stairs behind me. Oh why?! LoL.

I am telling you all this so that you won’t be shocked when visiting Europe. Pack your comfortable shoes and get moving.

Lastly, don’t cheat with Uber or the cabs, the metro is the best way to travel and learn the city.

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