Restroom? please!

I remember the day like yesterday…we landed in Beijing China and we all rushed to the restroom. As soon as we open the stall door, there was a hole in the floor. I thought it was a joke. We opened several stalls and there was still a hole. I actually saw two ladies go in together. Now I am scratching my head….are we supposed to buddy up to use the “toilet”? I like my friend but I don’t like her that much. Well, peeps, the majority of the public restrooms in Asia is a hole in the floor with a bucket and pail for the water. Ladies, you noticed that I didn’t mention toilet paper. What did I learn from my Asian trips (China, Japan, and Thailand)? Restrict water intake during the day, sanitary wipes are a must, and pants are not a women’s best friend.

Knowledge is the power when traveling internationally. Boy did I learn, with each trip I became interNATionalcaty.

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