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Zagreb, Split, and Dubrovnik
If you're obsessed with food, wine, history and natural beauty, this European destination on the Adriatic coast is like no other. With its glorious coastal cities, ancient Roman ruins, magnificent medieval architecture, and stunning natural wonders, Croatia has it all.  Discover Croatia's true heart and soul with a nine-day exploration of some of the Dalmatian Coast’s finest locations:  Zagreb, Split, and Dubrovnik (Montenegro). Explore the small town of Zagreb! Walk the walls of the Old Town of Dubrovnik! Wander the harbourside of Split or a hike in Secret Marjan Park! A day trip to Montenegro.  Trust us when we say uncovering the treasures of this Balkan beauty will be the adventure of a lifetime during this Friendsgiving trip. Book Now Pricing is per person (Double occupancy)
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