A girl wanted a pedicure … a fish pedicure!

So you know that I am an interNATional girl who likes to do things out of the ordinary…well while in Bangkok (2012), I wanted to go to the “red light” district. As I was walking through the district, I saw some of the most beautiful women. My guide told me that they were “ladyboys”. I close my mouth, stopped starring, and kept on walking. Towards the end of our tour, we came to a “Fish spa”. Yes, I decided I am going to get a fish pedicure which is the rage in Bangkok. At first, the fear kicked and of course, I became dramatic. However, I dipped my feet in, and after a while, I totally forgot the little fishes were eating the sole of my feet. If you have the opportunity to go to Thailand, give it a try. You will have memories that will last a lifetime.


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