For the past 15 years, I have traveled extensively in the U.S. and abroad.  The U.S. has been interesting to say and internationally has been adventurous.  However, as I get older and become a little bit knowledgeable, there are five things that I will not do.

  1. Budget Airlines

The biggest thing to hit the airline industry are the budget airlines such as Spirit, WOW, or Norwegian.  Living in South Florida where Spirit Airlines is based, I see the less than $200 tickets to the Caribbean, Central and South America.  However, I hear the horror stories of delayed flights, long lines, paying for luggage, seats, air, and meals.   My time and patience are so much more important that saving a couple of dollars.

  1. Hostels

The next great thing is hostels.  The word already implies hostility.  They are dorm-like housing where a night stay is under $50.  I left college about 20 years ago.  In my 20s, the dorms were happening spot on campus.  I am now in my 40s.  I want a hotel or an Airbnb.  I don’t want to share a room with 2 or more people.  I don’t want to sleep in bunk beds.  I don’t want to share a bathroom with 10 or so people.  I don’t want to sleep with my possessions in fear that it could be stolen.  I want privacy and a bit of control of my sleeping environment.

  1. Cruise Ships

There is going to be a strong word.  I DETEST cruises. Here is another analogy, I won’t date a guy who thinks traveling is cruising.  It will not happen!  Now before you judge me, I have done 3 cruises and I hated every one of them.  There were times I wanted to throw myself overboard just to get away.  Also, I was one of those people who drank the entire time to forget she was on a cruise.    I understand that cruising is affordable and you can take the entire family.  But do you understand, you see the same people for xx amount days and basically eat the same food.  Another example, in South Florida and on Carnival, you can take a 3-day cruise to the Bahamas.  I can get a ticket on American Airline and be there in an hour and spend 3 days exploring the Bahamas eating conch salad rather than seeing the ocean and the same people over and over again.

  1. Dating Abroad

We all know about “How Stella Got Her Groove Back”.    Well, my groove is going to stay in the United States.  I will not do Tinder or any online dating app when I am traveling.  If I strike up a conversation with a man in a public place, I will keep it in that public place.   My cautious nature just will not allow it.  My nature will be thinking of the following: (1) He wants a Green Card to the U.S. or (2) a Sex Slave operation.   That is not happening.   My travels are for my enjoyment and not for a love connection.

  1. Traveling with a Diva

I have some great friends and at the same time, I know my friends.   I am an active and adventurous traveler.   You will never catch me at the Mall (i.e. shopping) and/or clubbing in a foreign country.  I didn’t leave the States to do those things.  I am not a person who likes to sleep late and/or chill in the hotel room.  I need to explore and see what is out there.   I literally have an itinerary of what I am doing from sun up to sun down.   My motto is I can rest on the flight back home.


This blog is not about anyone in particular but rather what type of traveler I am.  I can be a budget traveler but I will not sacrifice comfort and peace of mind.  What are some of the things you will not do for traveling?