Did I ever tell the story of how I went snowmobiling in Iceland and was rudely kicked off the snowmobile?   Well, what had happened was……

My girls and I decided to take a snowmobile ride on Langjokull Glacier which also included a tour of the a cave.  We arrived in style in our Mercedes mini-van.  Okay, basically all the 4×4 in Iceland are Mercedes and we had 4 other people in the van with us.

Anyway, the ride to the base camp was beautiful; just miles and miles of snow.

Once we arrived……PLAYTIME!!! Snow Angels, Snowball Fights; things Miami girls never get to do in March.

Once we arrived at the base camp, it was time to suit up.  Due to the temps being a little lower than what my South Florida body is use to, we wore orange thermal jumpsuits over our clothes. It was very interesting to know that Mammoth (my coat) fit so easily into the jumpsuit.

As you can see, these Orange jumpers are not what they are issuing at Dade County Correctional, but are perfect to keep us toasty!


Once we suited up, it was time to meet our snowmobilie

Upon meeting this “beast” of a Snowmobile, it looked and felt more like a bucking Bronco. And sure enough, it threw me!

The snowmobile rudely threw me off as we were circling.   All I remember was flying off the snowmobile and landed on my face on the snow/ice and the snowmobile less than 10 feet away from me.   I was literally in shock.  The tour group had stopped and thought I was taking pictures.   My pride was hurt and I got a nice shinner on my face.


Well I dusted the snow off myself and I got back on the snowmobile and rode a little bit slowly to the cave.    Yep, this is the entrance to the cave.   We are going down on all four to crawl right in.

Once I got comfortable, I fell again.   I think the title of the blog should be “How I spent a day just falling in Iceland”.

WOW! This was the adventure of a lifetime, despite being treated like a Cowgirl riding a bull at the rodeo. I was fortunate not to have been seriously hurt. I was able to laugh at myself and still enjoy Iceland.  My recommendation is not to let one unfortunate incident ruin a trip/adventure of a lifetime.

I know that my girls and I will always remember the Snowmobile Ride on Langjokull Glacier.

Until next time, dueces